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CRA partners with One Click Code Reporting

On July 1st, the Colorado Roofing Association made a change and now has partnered with One Click to replace our codes with new technology that offers address specific information better suited to the needs of our members.

The Colorado Roofing Association has partnered with the One Click code reporting to get fast and accurate roofing codes from your phone/tablet, anywhere... instantly.

One Click is the first-ever application to verify enforced roofing codes specific to a property address.  Instantly. The information will reduce the amount of time and research from the users end.

This new platform includes:

  • Address specific code information
  • High Level Roofing Code Information (controlling municipality, chief building official, code enforcement, roof design criteria -- ice & water, drip edge, elevation, etc. --  IRC, IBC and IECC codes and permit requirement.)
  • Future roll out items coming soon include Wind Speed and Sales Tax information.
  • Reports that incorporate CRA Logo and best practices.
  • Engineering Reports Offered to CRA Members at a Discount (under construction)

As CRA Building Code have been relied upon by insurance companies, adjusters and contractors alike, we feel confident in endorsing One Click to provide the same trusted and reliable information and using them as our 3rd party verifier.


1. Type project address into black box* below.
2. Click enter and you will be taken to One Click to view report.

Member Discount 

Get 2 Months Free with an Annual Pro Subscription to One Click Code Reports. Simply type in an address above and once your report appears, you will be prompted to sign up and automatically receive CRA Member discount.

Best Practice Disclaimer

One Click will update code information regularly and the reports are designed for general reference purposes. For this reason, please be sure to confirm report information with each municipality before beginning your job.

It is recognized that building code requirements and building department administrative procedures and processes frequently change and are amended for purpose of improved public service and safety.  

The code reports have been assembled with assistance of building code officials; however, all information as represented herein is a best effort guide and not to be treated as 100 percent legal/binding/currently accurate.  Verification of requirements must be made specifically with the jurisdictional code officials.

* One Click Codes doesn't support any version of Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge as your browser.