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Roofs: First Line of Defense against Mother Nature!

Why should I repair/replace the roof? Roofs are one of the most important parts of a home or building because they protect the structure from the natural elements such as wind, rain, fire, ice, snow, extreme heat and hail. If you have a damaged roof, you’re likely going to have problems within your home or building. Over time, if ignored, water leaks can lead to serious problems on the interior including water damage, mold and other structural issues, as well as a roof collapse. This is why it’s imperative that you get a professional to evaluate and assess the damage.

The Colorado Roofing Association’s goal is to help homeowners and commercial building owners and managers make informed decisions about replacing and maintaining their roof systems.

In this area of the website, you will find helpful information and services to assist with these decisions.

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The CRA is not a consumer agency and can not handle disputes between consumers and contractors. Please review the content in this site for general information about how to select a professional roofing contractor. For specific disputes, please contact the Better Business Bureau nearest you.