Young & Emerging Professionals

Creating Connections!
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A Young & Emerging Professional (YEP) is...

An individual who is 35 or younger or has only 2 years or less of experience in the roofing industry.

Why get involved?

CRA YEP's are building the future of roofing industry professionals by...

  • Creating connections that RETAIN and inspire young and emerging professionals to join and stay on a career path within the roofing industry.
  • Making roofing appealing… from the roof top to the many other career options within the industry.
  • Community focused… giving of “time, talent and treasure” to help make life better for other people
  • Recruitment… of young and emerging professionals new to industry as well as workforce recruitment at job fairs and schools (traditional and trade related).




$100 Year/per individual**

Membership in YEP gets you:
  • No charge for YEP networking only events**

  • Free ticket to CRA membership lunches***

  • Networking with industry peers

  • Learning important best practices

  • Training (intro to roofing, selling, etc.)

  • Access to mentors

  • Philanthropic and community outreach

  • Professional Development

  • Exchanging ideas

  • Making new friends

  • Creating partnerships within the YEPs

  • Finding inspiration to take career to next level.

*YEP Membership is separate from CRA membership and stays with you. It can be used separately or combined with your company’s main CRA membership.

**Some YEP events will have an additional charge (i.e., tubing the river, skiing, annual holiday gathering, etc.)

***This Membership applies to YEP sponsored events only and to regular CRA membership lunches.  It does not count towards any other CRA meetings/trainings/events.

Join YEP Now!

(Membership Application will be available Jan 2024)

Aug 18 | CRA Golf Tournament
YEP Committee Sling Shot Challenge 

Hope to see you there!

Sep 21 | 1st Annual Sustainability &  Networking Event

4-5 pm Presentation
5-6 pm Networking
More Info | Register Now!