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Membership Lunch - May 2023 (IN PERSON!)

Membership Lunch - May 2023 (IN PERSON!)


Tuesday, May 9, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:15 PM (MDT)
10 Seats Remaining

* Registration open until 5/9/23 at 9:00 AM (MST)

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Once again, IT'S TIME TO GET YOU BACK IN PERSON meeting other members, reconnecting with old industry friends and networking and learning from each other which is the true “added value” of our lunches!!

Membership Lunch | Tuesday, May 9

Colorado Roofing Association - May 9th - Recruit & Retain In The New Era of Work! Lessons from The Undercover Employee. from Nora Burns on Vimeo.



Membership Lunch - The Cost of Culture
Tuesday, May 9, 2023 

Workplace culture expert Nora Burns joins us on May 9th to tell us about her experiences as an undercover applicant, employee, her research from 250+ undercover interviews and how she is taking workplace culture to a new level.  With her research, Nora has examples of real-life recruiting across a variety of organizations with positions ranging from ground-crew and truck driver (aka blue collar) to administrative and leadership positions (aka white collar).  She has done her homework to understand the unique dynamics of the roofing industry including our current marketplace here in Colorado.

Nora Burns is the founder and Chief Curiosity Officer of The Leadership Experts. Having led teams of two to two hundred, she knows leadership and its profound impact on workplace culture. She is a dynamic speaker and trainer and has the knack to get your undivided attention and keep you keep you on the edge of your seat. Her ability to build trust and engage open dialogue is exemplary. She was recently the keynote speaker for the National Woman in Roofing association in Dallas at this year’s IRE. 

The roofing industry desperately needs to recruit and retain employees and Nora will share insights on how workplace culture begins when we first engage with applicants. Leadership team members are juggling a lot, and can easily miss the importance hiring and on-boarding plays in setting the tone for culture and business vision. Hiring impacts culture and your ability to deliver on customer promises, and Nora has the proof! Her real-life stories tie together the key lessons of recruiting and workplace culture. Beyond the research and stories, Nora will provide action steps you can take within 24 hours of the session to up your organization’s recruiting and retention game without spending a lot to make it happen.

High energy, engaging delivery, laughter and most important - information you can use - she has it all.  

You WILL NOT want to miss this low-cost opportunity to gain valuable knowledge for you and your business AND taking the time to invest in your workplace culture.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


8371 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238

11:30 - 1:15 pm

(Overflow parking available across street at Macy's)

Cost: CRA member companies get ONE FREE lunch at this meeting.  There is a $30.00 fee for additional employees (2 or more) from member companies.  Non-member companies can attend for $50.

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Debbie Hathorne
Debbie Hathorne
Executive Director Colorado Roofing Association

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8371 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238

(Parking overflow is across street at Macy's).

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About our Presenter:

Nora Burns

Undercover Candidate

Nora has spent more than 20 years as n HR Executive & Consultant working with a myriad of industries including manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and hospitality, but quite frankly, so have hundreds of other consultants. What truly sets Nora apart and makes attendees scoot to the front of their seats is that she is The Undercover Candidate and The Undercover Employee.  For research purposes Nora went on over 250 job interviews across the United States for a variety of positions.  But wait, there’s more!  She then invested fifteen months working for five Fortune 500 companies …as a cashier, customer service representative, housekeeping staff member… you get the idea.  These organisations did not know that she is an expert in leadership and workplace culture, they saw her as one of many polyester-clad front line employees.  Her unique perspectives from HR Executive & undercover researcher combine to guide Nora as she connects the break room to the board room and sheds new light workplace culture for leadership across the globe.

See full bio here.

** TAKE A-WAY! **

Attending a CRA membership lunches is not only about the FOOD and networking with other members but the opportunity to take advantage of the SPEAKERS and PROGRAMS.

These lunches are an inexpensive and quick way to invest in yourself and your TEAM. 

No Show Policy – Cancellations must be received by May 5.  No refunds after this date.  All attendees who RSVP and are a “no show” are still responsible for payment and will be subject to a $20 service fee.