Adams County

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This information was last updated 2018-11-11
Building Department Phone 720-523-6825
Inspection Line/Hotline Phone 720-523-6320
Fax 720-523-6967
Building Department Website
Informational Handout Handout
Current Building Code 2012 IBC/IRC
Intends to update Code in the future. 2018, soon
Current Energy Code 2006
Intends to update Energy Code in the future.
Requires a Building Permit Yes
Other/Special Permits required See website for Commercial Roofing Requirement Handout
Roof System/Fire Rating required for Residential Dwellings
Roof System/Fire Rating required for Commercial Buildings
Roof System/Fire Rating required for Multi-Family
Special conditions Roof material varies based off type of construction and occupancy per code
* Minimum designed wind speed rating
* ASTM Standard for wind rating ASTM D 3161
* Requires a manufacturer's wind warranty on steep slope roofing
* Requires wind nailing

 Yes - If specified by Manufacturer

* Refer to municipality's current code and amendments.
Inspectors carry ladders for the final No - All ladders are required to be setup and secured in accordance with OSHA by the permit holder or contractor
Requires pre-job inspection
Requires midroof (in progress) inspection No
Requires final inspection
Other inspection information

* Only if replacing deck

Maximum number of layers of asphalt shingles permitted Or in accordance with Manufacturer
Maximum number of layers of low slope material permitted
Require a sheathing/decking inspection Yes - Prior to installing underlayment/roofing materials
Requires solid sheeting (plywood/OSB) over spaced decking Yes
Maximum gap size for sheeting Any gap at all
Requires drip edge


Drip edge size minimum 2 x 2
Requires Rake/Gable metal edging
Gable metal is installed in addition to drip edge and is used to protect the vertical fascia from rotting.
Requires the use of Ice Dam Protection Membrane (i.e., Ice & Water) No
Distance inside warm wall
Underlayment required 2:12 up to 4:12
Underlayment required for 4:12 and above 15#
Type of valleys allowed Both
Valley Underlayment/Material required for closed valleys
(Self Adhering, Mineral or Either)
Or per manufacturer
Valley Underlayment/Material required for open valleys
(Self Adhering, Mineral or Either)
Kick-out required on Step Flashing
Minimum curb height requirement Yes - 6"" min -
Chimney crickets requirement

 - -

Requires positive drainage Yes
Requires ventilation to meet building codes Yes
Permits Soffit/Eave vents Yes
Allows rolled roofing (mineral surface) on low slope heating living space Yes
Low slope 1.5/12 - 2/12
Special residential insulation code requirements
Special commercial insulation code requirements