Committee Descriptions

Committees are one of the most productive tools an association has to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. Whether you are chairing a committee or are a committee member, you face the challenge of getting involved in the work the committee was formed to accomplish. The recommendations of a committee often has a direct impact on the decisions made by the officers and the board of directors of the association. Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity. 

"I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."- Lily Tomlin

Awards Dinner

Recognized as one of the top roofing Awards programs in the country!  We need people to help organize this fun night - from decorations and food to the programf, SPONSORS and attendees.  Help get people to enter job nominations as well.  There can't be winners without people submitting for awards!

Meetings: This committee meets monthly for about 5 months.

Members: Suzie Boyd (Chair), Curt Boyd, Greg Giedd, Jeff Johnston, Lawrence Kerr, Brad Moody, Kirk Tiley, Kelly Woods.

Building Code & Standards Committee

The BC&S committee’s main purpose is to advise and educate members on changes & updates to building codes and standards as they relate to the roofing profession. Help in creating roofing best practice documents.  Volunteer today to become actively involved in establishing relationships and open lines of communication with building departments and informing the CRA and the roofing industry as a whole on such issues as ladder/inspections, IBC, IRC & energy code issues and changes.

Meetings: This committee meets monthly for about 5 months.

Members: Scott Patz (Chair), Dan Cupit, Ryan Plunkett, Chris Gonzales, John Zahtila, Garret Kurtt, John Sounders, Chase Johnson and Jamaca Berman.

Community Service

Helping others is an important part of any strong association.  Be a part of introducing NEW WAYS to give back to our community by helping organize community service projects for such organizations as Habitat for Humanity, Home for Troops, Rebuilding Together and other non-profit charities.

Meetings: This committee meets as needed from January through mid-May and via conference call as needed the remainder of the year.

Members:  Steve Miller (Chair), Daniel Ritter, Mike Lesisko, Pat Sweet, Jeremy Dennis and John Werpy.


Education: One of the primary goals of the CRA is to educate its members.  Through a variety of seminars and programs, this committee assures that our goal is fulfilled.  Help determine what pinpoint topics we will share and organize these events as necessary a few times throughout the year. 

Training: CRA’s Training committee has been successful in creating a formal training program so that our members have a place to train/cross-train current employees.  Join the training committee and continue to help in the success of the program by making sure curriculum is current, creation of mock-ups for students, organizing material donations, arranging volunteers/product specialists to assist instructor, etc.

Meetings: Committee meets in-person monthly.

Training Subcommittee(s): Training Center Director Team - Curt Boyd, Rich Boon, Guy Mumford & Tomas Wolfram

Members:  Guy Mumford (Chair), Curt Boyd, Rich Boon, Sue Girard, Brett Piane, Scott Kawulok, Greg Ham, Carson Braswell, David Stubbs, Dan Cupit, Christine Trujillo, Clayton Putman & Tomas Wolfram.

Golf Tournament

Help plan this popular event scheduled each summer.  Organizing the location, contests, prizes, sponsors, volunteers, set-up/tear-down, etc.

Meetings: This committee meets monthly for 4 months.

Members: Steve Miller, Logan Bonawitz, Christy Miller, Cooper Robbins and Tracy Spence.

Government Relations

This committee gives you true hands-on input to make changes in our industry. Review upcoming bills, contact legislators, engage with our lobbyist/coalition partners & keep members informed and contractors represented at the Capitol.

Meetings: This committee meets via conference call and in person.

Members: Jeff Johnston (Chair), Danielle Maya, Travis Johnson and Jamie Williams.


The Membership Committee works to increase our membership and retain current members.  The committee reviews current membership applications and does an annual review of the membership requirements, ethics policy, etc. Do you know other companies that might benefit from what the CRA offers?  Be an ambassador for the CRA and spread the word about what CRA is doing for you! 

Meetings: This committee meets via conference call and in person.

Members:  Jeff Johnston, Kevin Wieland, Guy Mumford and Suzie Boyd.


With only four general luncheon meetings each year, you can help make sure that attending members have an informative and entertaining speaker.  CRA's hosted a wide variety of speakers - those who have been at the top of the NRCA and the top of Mt. Everest!  Use your ingenuity to keep things interesting.

Meetings: This committee meets via conference call as needed.

Members: John Cook (Chair) 


This committee performs activities that help promote a positive image of the roofing industry in Colorado while educating home and building owners about hiring roofing contractors. In addition to educating the general public about selecting roofing contractors, our Committee Members work with our media partner to spread awareness about CRA activities and good deeds through the media, website and social media channels.

Meetings: Committee meets in-person monthly - generally the 1st Tuesday at lunch.

Members: John Cook (Chair), Julie Boyle, Michael Baker,  Kennedy Phillips, Naomi Dupre, Matt Schwaigert, Kelly Steinway and Kerrie Lunginbill

Sporting Clays

Help in the planning our annual fall fund raising event.  You will assist in organizing the location, sponsors, trappers, food, prizes, etc.

Meetings: This committee meets monthly for 4 months.

Members: Jeremy Wangerow(Chair), Mark Bellitt,  Mike Kelly, Jenni Kelly and Michael Baker.

Trade Show

A showcase of products and services - from the latest to the tried and true, this spring event requires organizer to solicit exhibitors and attendees alike.  You'll help in organizing the timing, lunch, any special activities, etc.

Meetings: This committee meets monthly for 4 months.

Members: Scott Ponzio (Chair)Blake Christopher, Jennifer Elliott, Damon Govan, Josh Thomas, Vance Roth and Scott Cone.

Young Professionals

Help build interest, create awareness and provide opportunity for young professionals in roofing and related careers here in Colorado.

Meetings: This committee meets as needed.

Members:  Arik Koch (Chair Pro Tem, Hannah Kane and Ryan Martinez.