National Safety Stand-Down in May

“Recognizing the fall stand down and remembering lives lost in Colorado”

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CRA is proud to participate with OSHA and many others across the country in the roofing and construction industries to promote and recognize the National Safety Stand-Down on May 6-10. The purpose of the Stand-Down is to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction.

Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 366 of the 971 construction fatalities recorded in 2017 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable. The National Safety Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.


Here in Colorado and at the CRA, we want to remember lives that were lost, particularly in the roofing industry, and encourage all our members and non-members to participate in the Safety Stand-Down starting on Monday, May 6. Our hope is that you will take a break each day or at least once during the week to have a safety toolbox talk or to conduct another safety activity (i.e. develop a rescue plan, inspect equipment or discuss a specific job hazard).

Steps to Participate

1. First, check out OSHA’s National Stand-Down page for the details on how to participate.

2. Next, conduct a Safety Stand Down! Weather it’s 15 minutes or several hours of training, please take the time!!!

3. Last, share your story with us and OSHA by email and/or social media.

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  • CRA:

Email Debbie Hathorne your story.

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3. Last, at the end of the text area of your Facebook post, type @Colorado Roofing Association until you see us appear, then POST so we can re-share your stories.

Other Resources for Safety Prevention Information

We thank you in advance for your participation and encourage you to KEEP IT SAFE each and every day, all year long.