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Pinpoint Seminar: Avoiding Construction Defects

Pinpoint Seminar: Avoiding Construction Defects

Learn to Defend Against | Related Building Code | Denver GBO

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (MST)
73 Seats Remaining

Event Details

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Learn how to prevent, mitigate and defend against construction defects, common construction code involved in claims and details on Denver’s GBO.


Contractors are at risk of being sued for construction defects and that risk is greater every year. 

Protect your company and yourself by learning how to first prevent a construction defect case and how to mitigate one if your company is sued by a property owner. 

You will learn about the following topics during this seminar

  1. Examples of roofing and exterior related construction defect cases.
  2. Terms and conditions that should be in your contract.
  3. Processes that help to avoid a construction defect case.
  4. What to do once you are party to a construction defect claim.
  5. Roofing related building code referenced in defect claims.
  6. Denver’s Green Buildings Ordinance and the best paths to compliance

Speakers Panel:

Dan Cupit, Professional Consulting Services, Danielle Maya, Cotney Construction Law and Amber Wood, City & County of Denver.

You WILL NOT want to miss this low-cost opportunity to gain valuable knowledge for you and your business!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Denver Mart

451 E. 58th Avenue

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Cost:  $60/person

Registration starts at 12:45.  Lite afternoon snacks and beverages provided.

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February 12
12:45 PM Registration Opens
1:00 PM Welcome & Seminar Prompt Start
4:00 PM Adjourn

For More Information:

Debbie Hathorne
Debbie Hathorne
Executive Director Colorado Roofing Association

Common ROOFING issues cited in defect cases:

  • inadequate grout and sealants applied to the roof ridge
    inadequate flashing and counter-flashing that fails to provide an adequate seal against the headwalls
  • improper eave construction which allows for water to pond at the roof edgeRoof eave drip edges installed over the roofing felt instead of under it.
  • Roof jacks that are not correctly bibbed (woven) into the roof underlayment in a weatherboard fashion, again, relying on mastic as a final seal.
  • Holes and rips in roof underlayment, repaired with mastic instead of a bibb of felt from the next highest seam.
  • Closed rake kick-outs either not installed at all or installed incorrectly.
  • Poor workmanship at penetrations