Continuing Involvement

Continuing Involvement Requirement for Members

CIU Printable Form

The CRA Board continually looks for ways to strengthen the value and benefits of being a CRA member.  Consistent with our Mission Statement, the Board encourages active participation in promoting the ethics, education & image of the roofing industry in our State, through meetings and actions of the members.  That is why we implemented the Continuing Involvement Requirement for Members (CIUs) at the beginning of 2017. We would like to see our entire membership get more involved and to participate in the many association activities provided throughout each year. 

CRA recognizes that continuing education is significant to advancing and improving our profession.  CRA CIUs will keep members up-to-date, let them master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future and responsibly meet the role CRA members play in the community and the roofing industry in Colorado.  To remain in good standing, CRA Member will be required to submit 8 CIU’s for the period of January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024 for their company’s renewal in 2025 and each year thereafter.  This requirement is for all current and new contractor members.  Associate members are exempt from the CIU requirement but are encouraged to participate for their own personal benefit and that of the roofing profession. Records will be kept for all members.

Note: Contractor Members can also check your CIU Status at any time by going to the Contractor Member Directory Search.  Your current CIU’s are listed right on your company profile page.

How to earn CIUs

Continuing Involvement credits can be earned in a number of ways and variety of learning formats by attending CRA approved seminars, workshops, trainings, events, etc. The units are calculated per person and then totaled for each company.

Continuing Involvement Units (CIU) Table
Qualifying Continuing Involvement

Continuing Involvement Unit (CIU)

(Per Person)
Events (Awards Dinner, Golf, Sporting Clay & Top Golf Tournaments)


Trade Show Seminar (Free)


Trade Show General Admission/Attendee (Free)


Member Lunch Programs (1 Free lunch registration per company)


½ Day Pinpoint Seminars


Training Courses at Training Center: Intro to Roofing (6 weeks), Metal (2-day), EPDM/TPO (2-day) and Coatings (1-day)


Young & Emerging Professionals (YEP) Events & Trainings


Community Service Involvement (Roofing Donation of labor/time/materials)


OSHA 10-Hour/30-Hour (provide proof)


NRCA Online Webinars (provide proof)


Board Director, Officer


Committee Member 8
Volunteer for Event (Awards Dinner, Golf, Trade Show, Sporting Clay) 4
Misc. Classes (Pinnacol, Moody Insurance Agency, Tile Roofing Institute, NRCA Trainings, EPCRCA etc.) Upon approval 2-8

Example:  XYZ Roofing Contractor sent two of their guys to the Trade Show (2), the owner attended a ½ day pinpoint (4) and two people attended the Awards Dinner (2) for a total of 8 CIUs.

  • Members will be required to check-in/sign-in at each event in order to validate that participation was completed. In those instances where any of the above qualifying events/seminars are held virtually, each person will need to log-in separately for tracking purposes and no partial credits will be given; participant must stay on virtual call the full time to receive CIU credit.
  • CIU must be earned by your company employees.
  • The CRA Board of Directors will have final approval on all CIU’s submitted.
  • Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in cancellation of membership. Cancellation of membership requires a waiting period of one calendar year before the company will be eligible to reapply for membership.