Can You Repair a Roof Without Replacing It?

Posted By: Debbie Hathorne Consumer,

If you’re asking, “Can you repair a roof without replacing it?” you probably have some concerns regarding the integrity of your roof. As a home or business owner, roof maintenance can be a bit of a nightmare. After all, roofing isn’t a common thing to be an expert in; it’s normal for the thought of roof repairs to induce an unsettled feeling. 

With the vast array of weather conditions in Colorado, though, it’s helpful to be aware of the state of your roof. As the seasons change and your roof weathers the storms, hiring a qualified roofing company to assess the integrity of your roof can provide a great deal of comfort. Not only that, a roof inspection from a certified roofer can save you from more extraordinary expenses down the road.

Catch the Small Problems

A licensed roofing contractor can provide a quality and thorough roof inspection and spot minor damages before they evolve into structural nightmares. Loose fixtures, worn sealings, and missing or damaged shingles are things your roofing contractor can spot and repair before the weather of the coming seasons has a chance to make matters worse.

It’s essential to have your roof inspected on a regular basis. We recommend having your roof inspected twice a year. Once in the spring after the cold and snowy winter months, and once in the fall after the summer thunder and hail storms. In Colorado, storms can be particularly intense; having your roof inspected after a major storm may save you from future roof damage.

Repair the Big Problems

A licensed contractor can determine the best course of action in repairing roof damage that has progressed into a more significant issue. Natural elements, such as rain, wind, snow, hail, and the heat from the sun, have an unhealthy relationship with your roof. While your roof does the hard work of repelling those elements, those elements incessantly wage war against your roof.

Furthermore, when your roof begins to fail, those elements keep coming, and as they do, begin to wage war on the structure of your home. As water makes its way under your roof’s protective layer, it can cause significant damage and require costly repairs. A licensed roofing contractor can make these repairs and save you from the financial burden of a full roof replacement.

The Comfort of Certification

The best way to be sure you can repair your roof without replacing it is with the stamp of approval from an expert. A licensed roofing contractor offers expertise and experience by providing a roof certification. A roof certification is a declaration from your licensed inspector or roofing company typically issued when buying or selling your home. It affirms that your roof is free of defects and in good condition and that it will perform the way it was designed to.

A roof certification is typically good for 1 to 2 years and can be good for up to 5 years. Your licensed roofing contractor will make this determination, but regardless of how long it’s good for, it affords you the extra comfort of knowing your roof is secure. A roof certification is not the same as a roof warranty, however. A warranty is issued during installation and covers the roofing material and/or the workmanship. 

The Peace of Licensed Prescription

Beware of storm chasers and roofing scammers. They don’t have your's or your roof’s best interest in mind. Whether the weather has led to damage to your roof or not, they’ll prescribe repairs to get you to pay for more than you need. 

Be proactive when it comes to your roof’s maintenance. Ask questions to ensure you don’t fall victim to roofing scams. Do your research and choose a licensed roofing contractor you can trust. With a licensed roofing contractor, you’ll have peace of mind that knowing your roof's integrity and all that it protects is the main priority. 

So, Can You Repair a Roof Without Replacing It?

Oftentimes, the answer to this question is yes. We cannot stress enough, however, the value of an opinion from a licensed professional. Make roof inspections a regular part of your roof maintenance. There will come a time when your roof needs replacing, but with proper precautions and a licensed roofing contractor, your roof's damages can be repaired and its lifespan prolonged.

At the Colorado Roofing Association, we want you to have the resources necessary to make quality and informed decisions regarding the maintenance of your roof. Our members are licensed roofing contractors and are qualified to help you make the best decisions about your roof's integrity. Find a licensed roofing contractor and gain peace of mind in knowing your roof is in good hands.