2023 CRA Board of Directors Election

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Colorado Roofing Association is conducting our 2023 Board of Directors Election on Nov 29-30, 2022.

On November 3, 2022, the Board & Nominating Committee met and proposed the following nominations for the 2023 Board of Directors. The nominees must receive a majority of submitted votes to win election. 


President for a Two-year term (January 2023-December 2024)

  • Guy Mumford, Kudu Roofing 
  •  __________________________ (Write-in)

Vice-President for a ONE-year term (January 2023-December 2023).

  • Jeremy Wangerow, Advanced Roofing Technologies
  • ____________________ (Write-in)

Secretary/Treasurer for a Two-year term (January 2023-December 2024).

  • Scott Ponzio, RTP Roofing Co.
  • _________________________ (Write-in)


Contractor Board Director - Two-year term (January 2023-December 2024) on the Board of Directors.

There are 3 (THREE) board openings for these CONTRACTOR positions and primary contact will vote for 3.

  • Ryan Plunkett, Supreme Roofing Done Right
  • Pat Sweet, Sweet Roofing
  • Jamie Williams, Next Wave Roofing
  • _____________________________ (write-in)

Associate Board Director - Two-year term (January 2023-December 2024) on the Board of Directors. 

There is 1 (ONE) board openings for this ASSOCIATE position and primary contact will vote for 1.

  • Naomi Dupre, Kirby Fiberglass
  • Christina Trujillo, American Weatherstar
  • Kevin Weiland, Elite Roofing Supply
  • _____________________________ (write-in)

Only one vote per member company. Only the primary contact for each company will receive the electronic ballot.  

We are using an online election system to tabulate our votes. Each primary contact has been assigned a unique access key which can only be used to vote once and your voting choices will remain anonymous.  Voting will be open for 2 days only on Nov 29-30, 2022.

Live election progress:
2023 Board of Directors Election 90 ballots submitted of 256 eligible voters — 35%

The voting deadline is Nov 30 2022 11:30 pm Mountain Time (US & Canada).

Voting has ended.  See results here:

Final 2023 Election Results

If you have election questions, feedback or want to be removed from future ballot lists, please email Debbie Hathorne.

Members serving the remainder of their elected two-year term on the Board of Directors (Jan 2022-Dec 2023) follows:


Alex Falcongrove, Tiley Roofing

Steve Miller, Bighorn Rain Gutter

Scott Patz, Rocky Mountain Reps

Vance Roth, Cleasby Manufacturing 

Past President:       

Suzie Boyd, Academy Roofing