Code Guidelines: CRA's partnership with OneClick Code & New User Experience

Posted By: Debbie Hathorne

New User Experience

OneClick Code has blazed the trail for data automation of jurisdictional authority for building codes, permit fees, taxes, and manufacturer specifications required for any address here in Colorado and nationwide. 

CRA is happy to continue our partnership with OneClick to bring members unlimited free snapshots for each project address, making it easier for you to access the right code information and saving you time.

New Look

CRA Members continue to get a SNAPSHOT report that includes this key "freebie" information:
  • Jurisdiction - Identifying the correct jurisdiction is one of the many challenges that can have a significant impact on your project - including both building standards (structure specifications) and building codes.

  • Municipal Contact Information: Get the necessary contact details for local building department.

  • Sales Tax - you can't rely on just the zip code.  Get the correct amount for your project address.   For example, given that the average cost of a new roof hovers around $7,200 nationally, that percentage can equal up to an average of $720, which, if you’ve already provided your customer an estimate, means it’s coming out of your profit margin or will inevitably lead to an uncomfortable—and frankly unprofessional-looking—conversation.  

  • Approximate Roof Size 

  • Predominant Roof Pitch 

  • Weather History for Wind & Hail 

  • Snapshot reports for both Residential and Commercial addresses

The challenges in creating and maintaining a page specifically for CRA members has been at a cost to OneClick now that their platform is national.  As the platform has grown and additional features have been added, so has the need to keep the reports consistent across all platforms and states.  The CRA Building Code Committee and Board of Directors understand that we should not put this burden on our partner and agreed to make a change.

The old reports were operating on a special server that was never updated. This server is being shut down and the version of the reports you were used to are no longer accessible.

For this reason, CRA has negotiated a 15% discount to upgrade to a subscription with OneClick that unlocks all the great features the software has to offer.  Use code coroof2023 to get 15% off any plan.

Because portions of the previously free reports are now locked, the CRA has negotiated a 15% discount for members to upgrade to a subscription with OneClick. A subscription with OneClick unlocks all the great features the software has to offer.  Use code coroof2023 to get 15% off any plan.

CRA's OneClick portal access has always been a snapshot view, and not all data and features were available with the free report.  Previously, to get access to all features of OneClick, you were required to upgrade to a paid subscription.

There are still freebies using the Widget on the CRA Code Guideline page (highlighted above), but for full access, considering upgrading to a subscription using the CRA Member 15% discount.


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