Meet CRA's Young & Emerging Professionals

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The Colorado Roofing Association Young and Emerging Professionals (YEP's) are rising leaders within Colorado's roofing industry with fresh ideas, passion, and a desire to connect with others. The YEP Committee is growing and working toward furthering the mission and vision of CRA by delivering several YEP-focused networking and educational opportunities throughout the year.

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A Young & Emerging Professional (YEP) is...

An individual who is 35 or younger or has only 2 years or less of experience in the roofing industry.

Quick Facts:

Mission Statement: To build interest, create awareness, and provide opportunity for young or emerging professionals in roofing and related careers.

Vision: To help YEP's by creating long-term value for young and emerging professionals, by helping them build  strong personal and professional relationships, and by creating awareness of the positive attributes young and emerging professionals bring to their employer, the roofing community and future of roofing industry in Colorado.

Founded: January 2020 


YEP Shoot the River - July 2023
Why get involved?

CRA YEP's are building the future of roofing industry professionals by...

  • Creating connections that RETAIN and inspire young and emerging professionals to join and stay on a career path within the roofing industry.

  • Making roofing appealing… from the roof top to the many other career options within the industry.

  • Community focused… giving of “time, talent and treasure” to help make life better for other people

  • Recruitment… of young and emerging professionals new to industry as well as workforce recruitment at job fairs and schools (traditional and trade related).

Find out More!

  • Secure an individual membership. While not a requirement to participate in YEP meetings, individual membership not only supports the CRA YEP mission, vision, and values but also offers free or discounted event access, access to exclusive member communications, and leadership opportunities. Membership apps available in Jan 2024.

  • Communicate.   Add yourself to the email list that our YEP leadership uses to keep you apprised of YEP-specific updates, meetings, learning sessions, and volunteer opportunities that are happening. Sign up for updates.

  • Join the YEP LinkedIn group. The YEP LinkedIn Group is where we'll share meeting and event invites, learning sessions, successes, volunteer opportunities, and more. Join the group.