Beware of Scammers who have Claimed to be in "Need of a Roof" using the CRA Contact Us Form

Posted By: Debbie Hathorne Member,

CRA's Online Membership Directory has been the victim of an internet data harvest.

Yesterday, CRA received several reports that the contact us page we use on the CRA Membership Directory to protect member emails has likely been data harvested by internet scammers. The messages sent on or around 8/29/19 coming from CRA with subject "Website Visitor Communication" are not legitimate emails.

CRA is advising that you ignore this email.  Do not to give your information out or open any attachments if they reply back. 

Here is an example.


Data harvesting over the internet is a problem. Right now, we try and protect members using this same contact form so no email address is visible and the added security layer of using a required reCAPTCHA field. Unfortunately,  it is not fail-safe from savvy scammers adapting daily to updated security protocols.

It’s a tough situation for CRA, and one we’ve been and continue to discuss. Our goal is to educate consumers on getting a new roof. Because we want to promote our members to the general public our advertising directs them to the membership directory. But... the downside is that individuals can harvest this information for scams. Right now, it’s a delicate balance between how much information we can and should provide publicly.

CRA still believes, that when used properly, the online directory is a benefit to our members. It's a tool a consumer truly looking for a roofing contractor or associated business can use to contact you.

I am sorry for any issue(s) this is causing for you and your team.  Thanks for your understanding.

Debbie Hathorne

Executive Director

P.S.  If you happened to already block the message as spam, please check to see that you did not block my email address.  Otherwise, you won't be able to receive association communications about events, training classes, alerts and/or newsletters. It is better to block the address listed as FROM is the main message block.