January - February 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Year, all!

More than a little late for the greeting, but still worth saying!

Oh, what a year last year was! It was interesting to speak with so many people at the CRA Trade Show, and it sounds like everyone is relieved to have 2023 behind them and looking forward to the year ahead. 

The past year was a whirlwind year for all of us, with everyone hoping for a better year following the COVID saga. And then 2023 answered our prayers with storms across the Front Range. And just as fast, we were cut short again by material shortages and supply issues. But we persevered, and I hope that this spring will be productive for all of you in terms of finishing projects that you were unable to complete last year.

While I reflected on last year and reviewed my newsletters, we had some really positive things to share with our members. We intend to do the same this year for all of you, including some really fun events organized by our Young & Emerging Professionals committee, which is growing and reaching our younger members. I'd like to thank all of our partners, lunch sponsors, guest speakers, volunteers, committee members, and board members for their hard work last year. We couldn't do what we do and keep these events and educational opportunities going for all of our members without you. Thank you.

The CRA is off to a busy start to the year, as is typical. On January 25, we hosted the annual trade show. If you didn't go, you missed out. It was wonderful to see so many people out and networking in our industry. Every year, it appears to grow bigger and busier with more vendors. This year, we grew the show by 20 companies and still had a waitlist of vendors who wanted to participate, and attendance was record-breaking with over 1250 people. Well done to everyone involved. 

February was also a busy month, with a YEP Ski Day at A-Basin, a Texas Hold’em fundraiser for the government relations coalition, an Intro to Roofing course completed, and, of course, the CRA Awards evening to end the month. 

And what an evening it was! We started by highlighting a remarkable Raise the Roof community service project that was successfully completed by 11 members. Our Training Center instructors were highlighted for training 132 students in the Intro to Roofing, Coatings, EPDM/TPO, and Metal classes last year, in addition to the 10 facility rentals. Our government and marketing committees have made significant strides for the association, and our event committees continue to plan the best days away from the office each year. It was great seeing the unique projects that were submitted for the Job of the Year awards. Special recognition with the CRA Legacy Award was given to Stephen Phillips, marking only the second time that we've given this award. Last, Kelly Woods was honored as the 2023 CRA Lifetime Achievement honoree. Thank you to the Awards Dinner Committee for putting together another wonderful event to celebrate 2023 for our association. Congratulations to all our winners!  Be sure to check out the event recap below for video links and photo galleries.

I wanted to end by circling back to our Education and Training Committee. This month, we will hold the 2-day EPDM/TPO and metal classes and the 1-day coatings class, with another round of Introduction to Roofing starting again in April. Be sure to check the website events calendar for dates and availability. We are also planning our education pinpoint and lunch topics. Our goal this year is to bring you all new innovative and interesting topics again through our luncheons and webinars. We all know times are changing, and we want to give all our members as much relevant information as we can. If you’ve got a speaker or topic you would like to see covered, please let me know.

It's crazy to think we are at the beginning of March. There has been so much positive energy these past couple of months. Let’s keep it up. So take advantage of each warm-up to get your backlog done this spring, and to jumpstart a great year ahead.  

I look forward to seeing you all again soon. As always, be safe and warm out there! 

Guy Mumford

Kudu Roofing
CRA President

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A BIG THANK YOU to our 2024 sponsors!
A-Z Roofing Horn Brothers Roofing
ABC Supply Co. Interstate Roofing
Academy Roofing, Inc. Johns Manville
Advanced Roofing Technologies Malarkey Roofing Products
American Roofing Supply Moody's Insurance Agency
Arapahoe Roofing and Sheet Metal Owens Corning
B & M Roofing of Colorado Pinnacol Assurance
Beacon Building Products Progressive Roofing
Black Roofing and Waterproofing Superoofs
CertainTeed Supreme Roofing Done Right, LLC
Elite Roofing Supply, CO, LLC Tamko Building Products
Flatiron Steel Tecta America, Colorado
Front Range Roofing Systems The Roofing Company
GAF Materials Tiley Roofing, Inc.
Gulfeagle Supply Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions
2024 SILVER Sponsors
BuildingWorks LLC Polyglass U.S.A.
Calebs Management Enterprises, Inc. RTP Roofing Co.
Cleasby Manufacturing Schafer & Company
F-Wave Sheffield Metals
Legislative Update

As of March 2nd, we are halfway into the 2024 legislative session. The long awaited construction defect reform bill (SB24-106) as well as the wage theft bill (HB24-1008) are the big ones. I invite you to stay informed and get involved in the legislative process.

Here is a recap of the bills we are watching and their potential impact on the roofing industry.

  • Bill Number: HB24-1050

    Title: Simplify Processes Regarding Certain Local Government Taxes

    Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; Referred Amended to Appropriations

    CRA Position: SUPPORT


    The bill aims to streamline processes related to local government taxes, particularly focusing on lodging taxes and sales or use taxes applicable to building or construction materials. Here are the key provisions:

    Overall, the bill seeks to enhance efficiency and transparency in the administration of local government taxes, with a focus on lodging taxes and sales or use taxes applicable to construction materials, potentially impacting the administrative processes for roofing contractors and other construction industry stakeholders in Colorado.

  • Bill Number: HB24-1008

    Title: Wage Claims Construction Industry Contractors

    Sponsors: M. Duran (D) | M. Froelich (D) / J. Danielson (D)

    Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; Referred Amended to Appropriations

    CRA Position: Amend (Bill has potentially negative impacts to our industry, we will suggest amendments to bill sponsor)

    The bill addresses wage claims within the construction industry, introducing several provisions:

    Overall, the bill aims to regulate wage claims within the construction industry by establishing responsibilities for subcontractors and general contractors, potentially impacting payment processes and liability arrangements within construction projects. CRA GOV Relations Via CCC is closely watching this legislation. CCC has requested meeting with sponsorship to recommend amendments to limit impact to Roofing Contractors. 

Bill Number: HB24-1083

Title: Construction Professional Insurance Coverage Transparency

Sponsors: J. Willford (D) | K. Brown (D) / L. Cutter (D)

Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; Referred Amended to Appropriations

CRA Position: Oppose


HB24-1083 seeks to enhance transparency regarding construction liability insurance for construction professionals in Colorado.

Overall, HB24-1083 aims to increase transparency in construction liability insurance, but has quite a lot of uncertainty in how new provisions would be enforced. It is the CCC position that this legislation would negatively impact the construction industry by allowing burdensome regulatory investigations and mandatory disclosures. 

Bill Number: HB24-1085

Title: Limitation on Actions against Appraisers

Sponsors: L. Frizell (R) | J. Amabile (D) / B. Gardner (R) | J. Ginal (D)

Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary

CRA Position: Support(PA and Appraiser members)

Overall, HB24-1085 seeks to provide clarity and establish a specific timeline for bringing actions against real estate appraisers, potentially offering protection to appraisers from prolonged legal exposure. This could be beneficial for our insurance appraiser members and others in the real estate industry by establishing clear boundaries for legal actions related to their appraisals.

Bill Number: HB24-1091

Title: Fire-Hardened Building Materials in Real Property

Sponsors: K. Brown (D) | B. Titone (D) / L. Cutter (D) | S. Jaquez Lewis (D)

Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments

CRA Position: None taken at this point

HB24-1091 addresses the use of fire-hardened building materials in residential real property, including common interest communities. Here's how it potentially impacts the roofing industry:

The bill may promote the use of fire-resistant roofing materials in residential properties, enhancing fire safety and reducing the risk of property damage and loss in the event of wildfires or other fire incidents.

Roofing contractors may see an increased demand for fire-resistant roofing materials as property owners seek to comply with the new regulations and improve the fire resilience of their homes.

However, the bill's allowance for common interest communities to establish standards for fire-hardened building materials could introduce some variability in the requirements for roofing materials within different communities, potentially affecting material selection and installation practices for roofing contractors operating in these areas.

Overall, HB24-1091 aims to enhance fire safety in residential properties by promoting the use of fire-hardened building materials, potentially impacting material choices and installation practices within the roofing industry, particularly in common interest communities.
Bill Number: HB24-1220

Title: Workers' Compensation Disability Benefits

Sponsors: L. Daugherty (D) / J. Marchman (D)

Status: NOT ON CALENDAR; House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor Refer Amended to Appropriations

CRA Position: Oppose

The bill requires workers' compensation insurers to pay benefits to claimants by direct deposit upon request. This provision aims to streamline the payment process and improve access to benefits for injured workers, including those in the roofing industry.

Overall, B24-1220 proposes changes to workers' compensation benefits that could impact roofing contractors and workers by providing additional protections, expanding benefits, and improving access to financial support for work-related injuries. This bill is incredibly vague and could pose additional costs for our members.

Bill Number: SB24-106

Title: Right to Remedy Construction Defects

Sponsors: R. Zenzinger (D) | J. Coleman (D) / S. Bird (D)

Status: In Senate Calendar; Scheduled for Senate Local Government & Housing Committee on March 5, 2024, at 2:00 PM in SCR 352

CRA Position: Support

SB24-106, known as the "Right to Remedy Construction Defects" bill, introduces several provisions impacting construction defect lawsuits, which could have implications for the roofing industry

Overall, SB24-106 introduces measures aimed at clarifying procedures and rights related to construction defect claims, potentially impacting how roofing contractors, property owners, and unit owners' associations navigate disputes and legal actions involving roofing defects within common interest communities and residential properties.

Bill Number: SB24-112

Title: Construction Defect Action Procedures

Sponsor: P. Lundeen (R)

Status: In Senate Calendar; Scheduled for Senate Local Government & Housing Committee upon adjournment in SCR 352

CRA Position: Support

Overall, SB24-112 introduces procedural changes and clarifications to construction defect action procedures, potentially impacting roofing contractors involved in construction projects within common interest communities and residential properties.

Working With Your Legislator

Legislators | Colorado General Assembly

The General Assembly 

Consists of 100 members - 35 Senators and 65 Representatives 

Watch and Listen

Listen to the House of Representatives | Listen to the Senate

Watch Live Video The Colorado Channel

Contact Your Legislator

Find your Colorado Representative and Senator

Find a Bill

How a Bill Becomes Law

Find a Bill

Session Laws

If you have comments or concerns about any of the above legislation, please reach out to me.  If you are aware of any specific legislation not listed and would like us to make sure we follow it, please contact me so that we can start tracking and sharing with the membership. With your help, we can continue to work together for positive changes in the roofing industry.

Jamie Williams
Next Wave Roofing
Government Relations Committee Chair


January & February Event Highlights

The CRA Trade Show was a blast; we loved seeing the roofing community come together!

The Colorado roofing industry got a much-needed boost of energy and buzz from the 2024 Trade Show on January 25th! The show brings together the entire industry at the start of the year and sets the tone for the upcoming year. And what a beginning it was! The highlights speak for themselves. 

  • There were a larger number of attendees; the trade show floor was crowded with over 1250 engaged and enthusiastic participants

  • 20% more vendors added: broadening the range of cutting-edge and innovative products, materials and services available to roofing contractors

  • Increased participation in the educational sessions

  • The highlights speak for themselves.  Be sure to check out this year's photo gallery.

Thank you to everyone who attended and exhibited at the 39th Annual CRA Trade Show. A special THANK YOU to our SPONSORS for their support and contributions to this year's great show and epic roofing event!

Save the date for 2025:  January 23, 2025.  

Find Out Who Went All-In at the CCC Texas Hold’em Tournament 

On February 5th, a decent crowd turned out for the CCC Texas Hold'em tournament. The poker tournament was held to raise funds for the legislative coalition's legislative efforts in 2024, which include lobbyists, legislators, industry communication, and participation in industry coalitions and organizations. 

Congratulations to our tournament winners: Irene Jaramillo, Zimkor with 1st Place and Jeremy Scurlock, Barton Supply, with the 2nd Place win. 

Thank you to all who attended and our sponsors for helping make it a successful night of fundraising!

Ski Day Shenanigans at the Beach! 

Catch the highlights of the YEP's adventurous Ski Day at A-Basin 

On February 13th, the CRA Young & Emerging Professionals committee hosted their first annual ski day at A-Basin's Beach. It was another successful event, with over 30 seasoned and not so seasoned skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes. The sun was shining, the company was good, and it will help the YEPs with their committee's outreach efforts to educate high school students about career paths in the roofing industry.

What a fun way to network and break bread with the best in the industry! We are excited to continue to grow this group and promote the roofing industry throughout Colorado. See you next year!

CRA's 23rd Annual Awards Dinner Recap: Unveiling our Winners! 🌟

On February 22nd, we held the CRA's 23rd Annual Awards Dinner. It was a fantastic event, full of energy. One of the best ever. In February, the association recognizes its best accomplishments, projects, and individuals from the previous year. Two amazing gentlemen were honored, and category winners were highlighted and announced, and they did not disappoint. Hundreds of roofing industry professionals gathered to network, celebrate, dine, and reflect on 2023 successes. It really was a celebration to remember! 

Congratulations to the 2023 CRA Job of the Year Award Winners 

Lauren Morley (left) and Arik Koch (right).

CRA presented its 23rd annual Job of the Year Awards on February 22nd at its annual Awards Dinner held at Social Capitol in Arvada, CO.  Job of the Year Awards are given to CRA members in recognition of their outstanding work in four categories based on the size of the job.

The CRA 2023 Job of the Year Awards winners were (click to see the video highlight of each project):

Division I: Under $150,000


Division II: $150,001 to $450,000


Division III: $450,000 to $850,000


Division IV: Over $850,001


For more information about the Job of the Year Awards, contact Debbie Hathorne, CRA Executive Director, at (303) 484-0549 or by e-mail.

Colorado's roofing industry bestows its highest honor on Kelly Woods.

Kelly Woods (left) and Curt Boyd (right).


CRA has named Kelly Woods, Regional Vice President of Elite Roofing Supply, as the 23rd recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award on February 22nd at their annual Awards Dinner held at Social Capitol in Arvada, CO. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual in the roofing industry whose contributions have impacted our industry here in Colorado and beyond in a positive way.

Kelly was born in 1967 in Bessemer, Alabama, but was raised in Huntsville, a city in northern Alabama. Before Kelly's senior year of high school, the family relocated to Albuquerque, which Kelly describes as unlike any other place he had ever visited. But he eventually adjusted, graduated from high school, and got a job at a lumberyard, where he was introduced to the world of roofing material sales.

Read more.

Stephen Phillips Receives the CRA Legacy Award

Conrad Kawulok (right) presents the Legacy Award to Stephen Phillips (left).

 (View Stephen Phillips video here.)

The Colorado Roofing Association presented Stephen Phillips with its Legacy Award on February 22nd at their twenty-third annual Awards Dinner held at the Social Capitol Events Center in Arvada, CO.  The Legacy Award is given in special recognition of an individual’s significant, invaluable, and long-lasting legacy of service, leadership, and dedication to the roofing industry. This marks the second time this honor has been awarded since the Awards Dinner's inception.

Stephen Phillips, Partner at Hendrick Phillips Salzman & Siegel, Atlanta, GA, was honored for his long standing impact on the national industry and for his support of us here locally in Colorado.  

Read more.

View the 2024 Awards Photo Gallery >>>


We are busy working on the 2024 Calendar.  Check you inbox for upcoming training, lunches and seminars.

Or, click here to view the full 2024 Event Calendar .


The CRA Training Center is located at 1660 Jasper Street, Units I & J in Aurora, CO, and is designed specifically for roofers and roofing applications. The space can be used for all types of steep and low slope materials and roofing systems. We are "application friendly." 

The center is being used for CRA training programs and is available to rent for members and non-members, contractors, manufacturers, and others who need space to conduct their own training.

Upcoming Classes:

EPDM/TPO | 2-Day Advanced*
Mar 12-13

Metal | 2-Day Advanced* (Sold Out)
Mar 14-15

Roof Coatings | 1-Day Advanced*
Mar 27

Intro to Roofing | 6 Day Course

Apr 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11

Click here to get more info/register. 


CRA Awards Mile High Behavior Healthcare $5,000 from the CNA Community Involvement Award during the 23rd Annual CRA Awards Dinner on February 22nd.

CRA Raise the Roof 2023 Project:

Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, Aurora 

In 2023, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare focused on opening a new facility in Aurora.  This organization’s life changing, comprehensive, integrated care model indicated there was a need for a center for youth, adolescents, and their families to find information, resources, and services that were not currently available in the area.  Unfortunately, their new facility needed a roof, and the non-profit turned to the Colorado Roofing Association for help. 

The request for assistance was granted by the CRA Community Service Committee, and work on MHBHC's request was officially started using money from CRA Rob McReynold's Raise the Roof Fund to supplement the donated material and labor. 

Numerous members of the CRA stepped up to help with installing a new roof on the building. The 100 square low slope roof could not be coated, as first hoped, so a new roof valued at over $123,000 was proposed.   Sweet Roofing and Academy Roofing split the installation of the roof in half using material donated by Carlisle and CSL West.   Elite Roofing Supply provided storage, delivery, and many of the ancillary materials, and Bighorn Metalworks, Bighorn Raingutter, Metal Roofing Solutions, Sheffield Metals, and Skyline Enterprises worked together to put the finishing touches on this project.   Arapahoe Roofing & Sheet Metal assisted with the initial estimate and provided drone footage of the finished product.  It was truly gratifying to see so many contractors come together to make the dreams of a new roof possible for Mile High Behavioral Healthcare. 

The project was submitted to the CNA/NRCA Community Involvement Award committee.  Awards for charitable work are presented annually at the National Roofing Contractor’s Convention, held in Las Vegas this year.  The project won second place in the competition!  Mile High Behavioral Healthcare received a $5,000 check from CNA in recognition of their work in the community, all because of the work of many CRA contractors. 

The CRA is extremely proud of this project.  It showcases what can be done when members come together and work towards a common goal!  

Thank you to these members!!



WELCOME to 13 New Members …

Meet our newest members!

Bone Dry Roofing Colorado, Inc.

1301 East Mulberry Street | Fort Collins, CO 80524-3515 | 970.364.7996

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm

Bulldog Roofing

1002 17th Avenue | Longmont, CO 80501 | 303.827.3726

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm

Custom Exteriors LLC

18674 County Road 3 | Berthoud, CO 80513-8048 | 970.460.8714

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm

Electric Heat Service & Supply

6225 West 48th Avenue #105 | Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 | 303.582.0135

Material Supplier /  Manufacturer Rep

Frontier Controls Corporation

7388 South Revere Parkway Suite 707 | Centennial, CO 80112-3942 | 303.745.5065

Manufacturer Rep / Equipment Supplier

Get Your Rocks Off, LLC

200 South Wilcox Street #235 | Castle Rock, CO 80104-1913 | 303.520.1300

Trade Service - Rock Removal

Huddle Strategic Services LLC

6289 Riviera Court | Parker, CO 80134-5537 | 720.309.7191

Architect / Consultant / Engineer

McIntire Roofing Inc

7270 Gilpin Way Unit 160 | Denver, CO 80229-6563 | 303.923.0336

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm



Metal Products LLC

2717 Willamette Place | Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5134 | 719.635.7867

Material Supplier

North West Roofing

2755 South Locust Street Ste 200 | Denver, CO 80222-7126 | 303.804.0303

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm

Peak One Law, LLC

6145 Broadway Ste 34 | Denver, CO 80216-1030 | 720.704.8260

Trade Service - Legal

Progressive Roofing

5485 Harlan Street | Arvada, CO 80002 | 303.912.6555

Roofing Contractor - Res/Comm

Scope Technologies

370 17th St. 50th Floor | Denver, CO 80202 | 303.579.9061

Trade Service - Technology

3 reasons why contractors need craft training to stay competitive

Despite being particularly adept at overcoming daily challenges, contractors often find attracting skilled craft professionals to be a daunting task. Navigating material delays, budget limitations, and rapid project deadlines is familiar territory, but recruiting and retention isn’t always a top priority.

The following are just a few of the reasons why 41% of firms are boosting their spending on training and professional development programs.

Read More

Source: Construction Dive, Feb 12, 2024.

Craft training is a key part of the construction industry, providing workers with specialized skills and knowledge. Craft workers are skilled manual workers with a high level of skill and a thorough understanding of their work's processes. They usually receive extensive training and exercise considerable independent judgment.

DOL Publishes Final Rule on Misclassification Issue

Source: HPSS Construction Law Update, Feb 6, 2024.

Way back during October, 2022, we informed you that the Department of Labor (DOL) published its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, stating its objective was, “to help employers and workers determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act.” This issue is commonly referred to in the construction industry as the misclassification issue.
On January 9, the DOL, released its final rule on the misclassification issue. The final rule significantly changes the rule that existed under the Trump administration. Under the Trump administration, the DOL’s rule on the misclassification issue focused on two core factors of control over the work and opportunity for profit or loss carried greater weight among other factors. By focusing on these two core factors, the DOL lowered the bar on properly classifying a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Under the Biden DOL’s final rule, the bar has risen dramatically, making it more difficult for employers to argue that workers have been properly classified as independent contractors rather than employees.
The DOL’s final rule takes the focus away from the two core factors previously considered and instead provides for a totality of the circumstances analysis, with the analysis focusing on the following six factors:
·      The worker’s opportunity for profit or loss;
·      Investments by the worker and potential employer;
·      The degree of permanence of the relationship;
·      The nature and degree of the potential employer’s control over the work;
·      The extent to which the work is “integral” to the potential employer’s business; and
·      The worker’s skill or initiative.
Notably, while the final rule does consider whether the work is integral to the potential employer’s business, the final rule does not adopt what is commonly referred to as the ABC Test. While the ABC Test provides definitively that a worker will be an employee under the law if the worker is engaged in the same trade or business as the employer, the fact that the worker may be engaged in the same business as the employer is only one factor considered in the analysis, under the final rule.
As it concerns the nature and degree of the potential employer’s control over the work, the final rule does make one significant change from what was originally proposed during October, 2022. Under the final rule, if the employer is exercising control to comply with the law or applicable regulations, that control will not be used against the employer in the analysis.
With regard to the investments factor, the final rule notes the relative investments of the employer and the worker to determine whether the worker is making “similar types of investments” that “suggest the worker is operating independently.”
The DOL’s final rule becomes effective on March 11, 2024, barring any litigation that seeks to halt or postpone its implantation. In anticipation of the new rule, now is a good time to conduct a “relationship audit” with your workers to determine whether they are properly classified. Both Philip Siegel and Scott Calhoun can assist your company with its relationship audit. You can reach Philip directly at (404) 469-9197, or you can e-mail him by clicking here. You can reach Scott directly at (404) 469-9195, or you can e-mail him by clicking here.

SPRI, Inc., the trade association representing the manufacturers of single-ply roofing systems and related component materials, has posted a new document that addresses construction-generated moisture and its impact on commercial roofing systems.

Construction-generated moisture comes from a wide variety of activities including pouring concrete, burning propane heaters, painting, plastering, and drywall finishing. These activities and others can contribute to excessive levels of relative humidity inside the structure when proper remediation measures are not taken. The result can be the accumulation of condensation within the roofing assembly and within the structure when the temperature is at or below the dew point.

To control construction-generated moisture, roof design professionals must identify the sources of moisture and develop a remediation plan to implement during the design process. To reduce the probability of condensation, buildings under construction must be adequately ventilated, particularly during concrete hydration and other high moisture-related construction activities.

Among the list of specific SPRI recommendations are avoiding the use of wet materials, or materials with excessive moisture, installing vapor retarders in the roof assembly, avoiding penetrating vapor barriers, installing at least two layers of insulation, and always sealing deck-to-wall joints and gaps around roof penetrations. 

The paper, titled ‘Construction-Generated Moisture and its Effect on Roof Systems,’ was written by SPRI Technical Director Chadwick Collins, and is available online at SPRI.org or by clicking here. 

SPRI is the leading authority on single-ply roofing, dealing exclusively with thermoset, thermoplastic, and modified bitumen roofing systems, and materials. Through an open forum for discussion, education and innovation, our dedicated commercial roofing industry experts provide ongoing resources and expertise to contractors, architects, and building owners. For additional information, please visit www.SPRI.org, send email to info@spri.org, or call 781.647.7026.

This month's Building Code updates/notices:

We have a couple update for you this month:

  • Frederick, Town of: Frederick building department has completed the adoption of the 2021 Building Codes Effective January 15, 2024 with the adoption of building code Ordinance No. 1390.  Read more.

  • Lafayette, City of: As of January 1, 2024, building permits for roofs and sheds will no longer have a flat rate fee of $30. Instead, fees will be based on the Building Permit Fee Table. All $30 flat fee permits will also increase to $100.  Read more.

  • Thornton, City of: 

    •  The City of Thornton has amended the roofing sections of the International Building Code and the International Residential Code to require asphalt shingles to carry a manufacturer's national wind warranty for the City’s designated wind speed of 90 mph 3-Second Gust. Please refer to Thornton's Roofing Standards for a list of approved shingles and other roofing requirements. Read more.

    • All mid-roof and final roof inspections are done virtually effective 3/8/2024. Read more.

Resources you can use!

The Building Code & Standards committee has been working hard to bring you a best practice resource document for low slope roofing applications.  We are excited to announce that is done and ready to share with all of you.

Roofing Best Practices | Commercial/Low Slope

We have also developed a "Buyer Beware - Understanding Total System Warranties" page on our website that you can use to help your clients understand that all low-slope warranties are not the same.  Check it out.

Buyer Beware - Understanding Total System Warranties

Have you been using the other resources and tools available on the Member Education Page? You should!

Material Price Escalation and Volatility Contract Provisions courtesy of HPPS Law.

CRA Wind Calculator EXCEL

CRA Moisture Calculator EXCEL

Roofing Best Practices | Residential/Steep Slope

Denver's Green Building Ordinance Update - Handout

Have you heard of any upcoming building code changes with any of the municipalities you work with? Please share them with us by emailing the BC&S Committee via Debbie at debbie@coloradoroofing.org.

The CRA Marketing Committee is here for you!

We’re proud of what we do here at the CRA to promote the positive image of the roofing industry and our consumer outreach efforts through education and helpful tips.  We've worked hard to create our digital presence and ultimately have consumers select a CRA member when it's time for their new roof replacement or repair.

Check out this marketing tip for roofing contractors.

Marketing Tip: Social Media Engagement Tips for Roofing Contractors

In this video, Katelyn, a marketing strategist at OTM, shares valuable insights on enhancing engagement across your organic social media profiles. Discover effective strategies to reach your audience, build trust, and get leads. Learn about identifying the right platforms, creating compelling content, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, and actively engaging with your audience. Whether you're targeting homeowners or commercial clients, these tips can elevate your roofing business's online presence.

Click HERE to watch the video!


Are you using ladders safely?


The statistics surrounding ladder accidents are truly staggering – a half-million treated injuries each year, more than 22,000 annual workplace accidents, and hundreds of deaths. Virtually all of which could have been prevented by following a few ladder safety rules.

CRA is proud to support National Ladder Safety Month. Without awareness of proper ladder use, we will continue to see far too many debilitating and possibly fatal accidents.

In construction alone, there were 5,370 ladder injuries in 2020. These injuries come at a cost – not only for workers and their health but also for employers. A 2018 workplace safety survey in the U.S. found that $17+ billion is spent on falls that result from working at height. 

The more you understand about ladder safety, the more likely you are to stay safe on the job. March is a good time to review ladder safety protocols. This Ladder Safety Month, take the time to review and implement best practices to help reduce the risk of injury. 

Information and Training resources:

Pinnacol has published their March - MayTraining Calendar.  If you are a policyholder, we highly recommend you to view the list for the year and take advantage of these training opportunities:

  • March 13-14 | Spanish OSHA 10 Hour Construction 
  • March 13 | FREE Webinar: Introduction to HOP 
  • April 2-3 | OSHA 10 Hour Construction
  • April 10 | FREE Webinar: Preventing material handling injuries, it shouldn’t be a heavy lift. 
  • May 2 | Lockout Tagout Essentials
  • May 15-16 | 16-Hour Fall Protection Competent Person 

For the details, go to https://www.pinnacol.com/safety-and-training/training/policyholders

Helpful Member Benefits & Tools

ADVISORY NOTICE: Roofing Contractors Must Not Act as Public Adjusters – Check Your Contract Language

The CRA Board of Directors has issued an advisory with additional information and details about these public adjuster clauses we have seen being used in Colorado that basically state that the roofing contractor may negotiate or act as a public adjuster on behalf of the owner. This is against Colorado’s Residential Roofing Law (SB38) and it is required that you must be a licensed public adjuster before you take on this role. Click here to view the advisory.

Concerning Ladder Liability. Help us in educating consumers and concerned citizens about the liability and risks involved with unattended ladders set for inspectors.

CRA Safety Group Workers’ Comp Program. Receive a 4%-upfront discount, group or individual loss history dividend calculation and much, much more. Members of the program automatically belong to the CRA Safety Group whose focus is on continuing safety education and training and improving safety in the roofing community. In partnership with Moody Insurance Agency and Pinnacol Assurance. Call Kim Burkhardt. at 303-824-6600 to receive additional information regarding this program.

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OSHAlogs.com - new in 2023. More info coming soon!!

Colorado Contractors Legislative Advocacy Coalition - CRA partners with several other construction associations to make our voices heard as joint members of the Colorado Contractors Coalition. Together we have successfully passed legislation including payment reform (public and private to 5%), bonding requirements, pro-rata liability and construction defect reform policies.  Check out the CCC website for more information and to keep up with our CURRENT advocacy efforts

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